1. ABS Tube and Extrusion ProfilesWe offer versatile ABS tube and extrusion profile in natural color, black and transparency. Other colors are also available as customized options. Moreover, shape and size are also customizable so as to fit your specific application needs.
    1. PTFE Tube and Extrusion ProfilesOur thermoplastic polymer tube and extrusion profile are endowed with amazing chemical resistance against almost all chemical materials. Moreover, this kind of fluorocarbon solid offers excellent self-lubricating function which makes it ideal for manufacture of corrosion resistant base plate and sealing materials.
    1. Fiber Glass Tube and Extrusion ProfilesThis polyester resin is light weighted yet with amazing tensile strength and rigidity. Its specific gravity is only 1.8g/cm3 and its weight is only a quarter of steel and two thirds of aluminum. However, its hardness is ten times of that of hard PVS (polyvinyl chloride).
    1. PVC Tube and Extrusion ProfilesThis kind of industrial plastic is produced to be Grade A. Moreover, we offer customized service so that customers are allowed to make requirements on shape and size, as well as screen print their logos on product surface.
    1. PP Tube and Extrusion ProfilesMoreover, we can product this kind of plastic product on the basis of your drawings. We also offer design service to assist you with optimal models. Your logo is allowed to be screen printed on product surface.
    1. PE Tube and Extrusion ProfilesOur PE tube and extrusion profile are available in natural color, black and other selected colors. We utilize 100% new materials to produce this versatile polymer.
    1. PMMA Tube and Extrusion ProfilesPMMA tube and extrusion profile are manufactured in tune with Grade A. We adopt 100% new materials to produce this thermoplastic to ensure the quality.
    1. PC Tube and Extrusion ProfilesIn order to make this amorphous thermoplastic more versatile, special properties can be added upon request, such as ultraviolet resistance and flame retardance. Moreover, shape and size of this machinable plastic are also customable to fit your application needs.
    1. Nylon 6 Tube and Extrusion ProfilesNylon 6 has been proved to be the most versatile engineering plastic on markets. This PA (polyamide) 6 offers the best in terms of toughness even at low temperature.
    1. POM Acetal Tube and Extrusion ProfilesThis kind of plastic material has smooth and gloss surface. Moreover, our engineering thermoplastic is born with utmost mechanical strength and rigidity. Therefore, this polyacetal material is noted as ideal alternative to copper, coated zinc, steel and other metals.
    1. UHMW-PE Tube and Extrusion ProfilesOur versatile polyolefin is the most abrasion resistant material among all engineering plastics. Based on ultra-high molecular weight, our UHMW-PE tube and extrusion profile shows better abrasion resistance than many metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc.

Plastic Tubes and Profiles

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