1. UHMWPE FenderOur UHMWPE fender has been widely used on the basis of its excellent chemical and mechanical properties.
    1. UHMWPE LinerThis UHMWPE liner shows excellence in terms of chemical resistance.
    1. UHMWPE ProfilesWe are the professional manufacturer of UHMWPE profile to meet your various application needs.
    1. UHMWPE TrackOur UHMWPE track is the versatile plastic material that meeting your specific application needs.
    1. UHMWPE TubeThis UHMWPE tube is endowed with prominent chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

UHMW-PE Tube and Extrusion Profiles

UHMW-PE tube and extrusion profile intrinsically have outstanding resistance against abrasion, impact and chemicals. This kind of high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) still retains amazing mechanical strength and self-lubrication even at low temperature condition.

Our versatile polyolefin is the most abrasion resistant material among all engineering plastics. Based on ultra-high molecular weight, our UHMW-PE tube and extrusion profile shows better abrasion resistance than many metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc. 

Thanks to extraordinary properties, our UHMW-PE tube and extrusion profile have already been used for guard panel for ship board and protective device for dock platform, etc.

1. Prominent resistance against abrasion and impact

Compared to normal rubber or wood materials, our product shows better performance in terms of durability and impact resistance, thus being more positive for protection of ship bodies and dock constructions.

Moreover, it is characterized by excellent flexibility and moderate rigidity, resulting in less damage to ship bodies, comparing to concrete or steel.

2. Superior corrosion resistance
This property brings remarkable inertness to sea, oil and other chemicals. On the basis of extremely stable structure, no chemicals are disintegrated, whereby being no harmful to oceans.

3. Low moisture absorption
Our UHMW-PE product is allowed for being impregnated with water in a long-term manner, yet still retaining impressive dimensional stability.

4. Outstanding tolerance to temperature and aging
Out tube and extrusion profile are designed to be resistant to high and low temperature, as well as aging and ultraviolet. These products can withstand rigors of weather and air in a long-term manner.

5. Amazing low coefficient of friction
This feature incorporates with good self-lubrication, whereby customers benefit from low maintenance cost.