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POMAcetal Tube and Extrusion Profiles

Our POM acetal tube and extrusion profile are supplied in light yellow or opaque white. This kind of plastic material has smooth and gloss surface. Moreover, our engineering thermoplastic is born with utmost mechanical strength and rigidity. Therefore, this polyacetal material is noted as ideal alternative to copper, coated zinc, steel and other metals.

In addition, POM is easy to burn. When burning, the upper flame appears in light yellow color while the bottom is in blue, creating irritant formaldehyde flavor and fishlike smell.

1. Prominent surface stiffness and impact resistance
2. Low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating and outstanding abrasion resistance, thus being well-suited for gear production
3. High shrinkage ratio yet extreme dimensional stability
4. Good electrical and dielectric properties
5. Impressive resistance to solvent and stress-cracking
6. Remarkable creep resistance and returns back to original shape in a fast manner when external forces are withdrew
7. High thermal and chemical resistance
8. Low moisture absorption and no pores

1. Excellent resistance to organic solvents and strong alkali, but being susceptible to strong acid and oxidizing agent
2. Poor resistance to weather and irradiation, especially ultraviolet
3. Difficult to bond and paint

1. Machinery industry: gear, roller, bearing ring, connecting rod and impeller blade
2. Vehicle: valve body for water tank, gear housing and covering plate for radiator
3. Electronics: housing for electric-powered tool, parts for TV and fax machine
4. Other: toy, parts for window and door


Density 1.45 g/cm3
Hardness Shore D 83
Formation Extrusion Molding
Working temperature -50°C to +110°C
Certificates CTI, SGS, RoHS
Product code 3920999090
Production capacity 200 tons per month
Payment terms TT, L/C, Western Union
Delivery cycle About 15 working days
Package By pallets
Added service Slitting and machining
POM acetal tube
Outside diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Length (mm)
5 to 45 0.5 to 5 1000 or other length
50 to 200 10 to 100 300, 500, 1000
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