1. FR4 Fiber Glass Epoxy SheetOur reinforced thermoset is the industry-proven material for parts in electric motors and electronic appliances, and is applicable for humid environment and insulating oil.
    1. Durostone SheetDurostone sheet is manufactured by utilizing glass fiber and high mechanical strength resin. This kind of heavy-duty glass fiber reinforced plastic offers remarkable electrical, thermal and chemical properties.
    1. Fiber Glass Epoxy Sheet and RodWe utilize electrical glass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin under heat and pressure to manufacture our fiber glass epoxy sheet and rod. This kind of reinforced thermoset is born with extraordinary mechanical strength and dielectric properties.
    1. Fiber Glass RodTherefore, this kind of thermosetting polymer is characterized by smooth surface, dimensional stability and prominent rigidity.
    1. Bakelite SheetThis industrial laminate normally consists of fiber paper, cotton fabric, chemical fiber yarn and fiber glass, etc. When specific heat and pressure are applied to these layers, a chemical reaction combines the layers into a high-pressure thermosetting plastic.
    1. Phenolic Paper Sheet3021 phenolic paper sheet is made by applying heat and pressure to phenolic resin impregnated insulating paper. This kind of industrial laminate is designed for insulating components for electric motor and electronic appliances requiring higher mechanical strength, as well as application for insulating oil.

Insulation Materials

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