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3025 Phenolic Cotton Cloth Sheet and Rod

3025 phenolic cotton cloth sheet and rod are made up of cotton saturated with phenolic resin, and are laminated under pressure and heat. This kind of thermoset composite material has been proved to be perfect for parts requiring outstanding mechanical strength and electrical properties for machinery, electric motor and electrical appliance.

Technological requirement
This kind of plastic laminate is supposed to have smooth surface with absolutely no bubbles, corrugates and cracks. Moreover, other defects also should be bypassed such as scratch, crease, stain or uneven color. However, a small amount of color mottles are permitted.

1. Prominent mechanical strength, oil resistance and dielectric properties
2. Excellent inertness to all kinds of solvents and acid chemical medicine

1. Insulating parts for electric generator, electrical motor and power distribution cabinet, etc.
2. Transformer insulating oil
3. Abrasion resistant washer, bearing housing, slot, gear and trunnion for electrical motor and electric generator

Technical data sheet

Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet (similar to NEMA C/CE/L/LE)
Properties Unit Value
Vertical bending strength MPa ≥100
Bonding strength (thickness ≥10mm) N -
Parallel impact strength (Charpy) kJ/m2 ≥8.8
Insulation resistance after immersion in water (D-24/23) W ≥1×106
Vertical dielectric strength (at 90°C ± 2°C in insulating oil, 1mm thick) MV/m ≥0.82
Parallel breakdown voltage (at 90°C ± 2°C in insulating oil) KV ≥1
Density g/cm3 1.40
Water absorption (D-24/23, 1.6mm thick) mg ≤220

1. 3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet

We supply this cotton sheet in color of brown.


3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet
Thickness (mm) Width × length (mm)
0.5 to 2.5 1020 × 2020
3 to 60 1020 × 2020
65 to 150 1020 × 2020

2. 3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminated rod


3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminated rod
Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
8 to 220 1000

1. Other choices of sizes, colors and grades are customizable.
2. Length, width, thickness and diameter tolerance are slightly different due to inevitable error occurred in production process.


Density 1.45 to 1.50 g/cm3
Hardness Shore D 115-118
Formation Laminating
Working temperature 140°C
Certificates CTI, SGS, RoHS
Product code 3920940000
Production capacity 200 tons per month
Payment terms TT, L/C, Western Union
Delivery cycle About 15 working days
Package By pallets
Added service Slitting and machining
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