1. PVC RodOur PVC rod is available in gray, black and other selected colors.
    1. PVC SheetOur versatile PVC sheet comes in colors of grey and black. More colors are available upon request.
    1. CPVC SheetThis exemplary CPVC sheet is supplied in dark and light grey.
    1. Thin PVC SheetOur thin PVC sheet is offered in grey and black. Other color selections are available upon request.
      The surface finishing for this versatile PVC sheet falls into polishing, matte and fine frosting.

PVC Sheet and Rod

PVC sheet and rod are made up from polyvinyl chloride which is the most widely used among all ethylene. This kind of plastic is renowned for impressive hardness and mechanical strength. However, its mechanical strength will be enhanced by increasing molecular weight, and will be lowered by increasing temperature.

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a new kind of industrial plastic produced by chlorination of polyvinyl chloride resin. During this process, molecular structure of PVC is amplified in terms of irregularity and chemical polarity, resulting in more prominent solubility and chemical resistance to heat, acids, alkalis, salts and oxidizing agents, etc.

Furthermore, compared with PVC sheet and rod, CPVC sheet has more chlorine content which is increased from 61.7% to the range of 72 to 75%. Meanwhile, Vicat softening point is promoted from the range of 60°C to 72°C to the range of 85°C to 90°C. The working temperature for long-term use exceeds 85°C.

1. Outstanding mechanical strength and stiffness
2. Good electrical insulation and flame retardancy
3. Easy to weld and print
4. No water absorption and no deformation
5. Ultraviolet-proof
6. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

1. Poor thermal stability
2. Low machinability
3. Undesirable resistance against impact, aging and cold

1. Pollution handling equipment
2. Equipment for electroplating and chemical processing
3. Manufacture equipment for semi-conductor
4. Machining parts and base plate
5. Scrubber, kitchen ventilator and other protective devices
6. Packaging for food, medicine and cosmetics
7. Injection molded products such as pipes, valves, housing for office supplies and electronic products

PVC rod, thin sheet and sheet

Density 1.4g/cm3
Hardness Shore D 82
Formation Extrusion molding
Working temperature 0°C to +70°C
Certificates CTI, SGS, RoHS
HS code 3920490090
Production capacity 200 tons per month
Payment terms TT, L/C, Western Union
Delivery cycle About 15 working days
Package By pallets
Added service Slitting and machining