1. HDPE RodOur HDPE rod is supplied in colors of natural white, black and other selected colors so as to meet your specific needs.
    1. HDPE SheetThis kind of HDPE sheet is born with 0.96 to 0.98g/cm3 density, and color selection is ranged between natural white and black. Other colors are also available as customized choice.
    1. LDPE SheetLDPE sheet features 0.95g/cm3 density, and comes in natural white and black. If you need other colors, we also offer tailor-made service.
    1. Textured HDPE SheetTextured HDPE sheet has prominent density ranged from 0.96 to 0.98 g/cm3. Color selection falls into natural white and black, and other colors are also available upon request.
    1. Thin HDPE SheetThin HDPE sheet is supplied in natural white, black and other selected colors.

PE Sheet and Rod

PE sheet and rod come in milk white and unctuous touch with odorless and non-toxic. This kind of industrial raw material is made with polyethylene that is highly distinguished by low moisture absorption rate, impressive crystallinity, low toughness yet prominent rigidity, whereby our versatile polymer has widely used in various industries.

Additionally, the mechanical strength of PE sheet and rod is greatly susceptible to relative density, crystallinity and molecular weight. However, the mechanical strength of this kind of plastic material will be amplified by increase of three factors above.

1. Considerable chemical resistance against acid, alkalis and organic solvents
2. Excellent electrical insulation and dielectric strength
3. Good toughness and tensile strength
4. Stress-cracking resistance

1. Poor mechanical strength, air permeability and surface stiffness
2. Easy to be deformed, aged, embrittled and scratched
3. Surface needs to be processed by electrical discharge for printing.
4. Cannot be electroplated or high frequency welding
5. Low bonding strength and paintability
6. Average weather resistance

1. Bodies of pump, valve and medical equipment
2. Water conservancy facilities and lining board in constructional applications
3. Cutting board and non-load bearing base plate
4. Container, material handling box and water tank, etc.
5. Accessories for sports equipment
5. Package for cosmetics and medicine
6. Parts for food manufacture equipment
7. Sealing cover for household appliances

PE sheet, thin sheet and rod

Density 0.95 to 0.98g/cm3
Hardness Shore D 64
Formation Extrusion molding
Working temperature -50°C to +90°C
Certificates CTI, SGS, RoHS
Product code 3920999090
Production capacity 200 tons per month
Payment terms TT, L/C, Western Union
Delivery cycle About 15 working days
Package By pallets
Added service Slitting and machining